digital media technology

Video project

This is me and  my friend Niamh making a video about dogs. Niamh asked me questions about dogs and I had to answer them. I really liked making this video it was fun and interesting.

digital media technology

Digitaloutcome 3 digital video

In this section I have learned about so many different things. I have learned how to use a tripod. I have also learned how to zoom in and out while filming. We learned about different lighting for filming. I also have learned how to take close up pictures medium shot and full shot. I also made a video with a class mate about dogs and we put it up on YouTube we took turn asking each other questions I enjoyed doing it . I really enjoyed doing this section a lot to learn very interesting.

digital media technology


Digital media technology can be used for the personal entertainment and convenience. There are lots of ways in which digital media and the internet can be used for personal entertainment and convenience. You can use your phone for games such as swift playground 8 ball pool . You can use it for getting in contact with your family and friends such as Skype FaceTime Facebook. You can use it for social media such as Facebook on this app you can connect with family and friends put up posts photos message each other etc. Snapchat is a great way to interact with people you can take photos videos and you can also share them with other people. Twitter you can tweet people on twitter and tweet famous people. Instagram is another great way to communicate with people post pictures you can also message people too,YouTube,Dublin bus ,viber,Netflix you can use it to look up stuff on google.